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adv212 ,stop decoding

Question asked by gauss on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by DaveD


  I've got a new problem recently.

  The settings are the same as  listed in URL:

  dreq1 is for code dma  in ; dreq0 is for image  dma out .

  but XTOT= 4096,YTOT=256.


  In most cases,the ADV212 works ok ,but recently i've  got a  new code stream which contains about 2000 frames;

  the adv212 always stoppes decoding in the middle of the code stream, because the signal both  dreq1_n and dre0_n are  keeping high ,not asserted  any more.

  I have tried many times,but  each time the adv212 stopps decoding at the same location of the code stream;

  I've  analyzed  this code stream . the head 0xfffffff0,the tail 0xffd9,and the jpeg head are all ok ! and the software kdu can decode the code stream succeessfully.

  I dont' know why! the adv212's i/o timing shoud be ok! Are there any registers or signals indicating that the code which is being decoded has encountered an err?