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ADA2200: Able to R/W through SPI, but....

Question asked by KOUKI on Sep 29, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by iamPhil

Hi Everyone,


I am now trying to apply a product called ADA2200 into my circuit. I have been testing it for 2 weeks; however, the output of the IC stays at 3.3V or 0V no matter what frequency or amplitude I apply on it... So I decided to ask for some help



Arduino Micro (Power 5V)


16MHz quartz crystal resonator

220/330ohm resistors sets (to reduce voltage of the signal from Arduino to 3V)



SPImode 3

Set: Serial interface B00010000 (SDO active = 1; activate pin 13)

Set: CLKIN Config. B00001000 (divede by 64; given that the crystal resonator is 16MHz)

Set: FILTER Strobe 0x03 (Load the default filter)

Set: FILTER Strobe 0x00 (Reset the register to 0x00; According to Mr. Gustavo.Castro )

Read: Serial interface B00010000

Read: CLKIN Config. B00001000

Read: FILTER Strobe 0x00


Can anyone tell me that which part in this system was wrong?

Thank you