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adf7023 load stability

Question asked by biff44 on Apr 27, 2011
Latest reply on May 10, 2011 by biff44

Anybody notice any instabilities in the adf7023 eval boards?  I noticed power jumping around with a saw bandpass filter attached, 433.98 MHz.  I thought the SAW might be intermitent, but in playing around with the unit I notice there are random <1 MHz sidetones jumping around on the unmodulated carrier.  If I add a 1 dB pad between the ADF7023 output and the spectrum analyzer the instabilities stop.  I noticed all this when my PER testing showed a sudden 20 dB jump in receiver threshold.


Will play around a little more tomorrow with a double stub tuner to try to replicate it, but has anyone else noticed such instabilities?


Am I right to assume if I set up a carrier only test mode, and do PHY on and TX PHY on, it should just output a single stable carrier at the settings on the RF setup page?