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FMCOMMS-3; Updating the SD card with modified HDL

Question asked by vittal92 on Sep 28, 2015
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I have made some changes to the reference HDL and I would like to update the SD card with the boot image containing the latest .bit file.
These are the steps I followed in doing the same:
Opened the Design in SDK
Created the fsbl.elf.
Created the boot image for which I had to include fsbl.elf (bootloader), bit file (data file) and u-boot.elf(data file)
(Question: Is it necessary to add devicetree.dtb while creating the boot image?)


Both Use authentication and Use Encryption were unchecked.
The boot image file and the devicetree.dtb were placed in the outermost directory of the SD card.


However, the IIO oscilloscope is not seen when I try to switch the device on after inserting the SD card in the slot.
Can someone tell me if I am missing something?


Any help will be appreciated


Thank you