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CrossCore Embedded Studio 2.1.0 - Available Now

Question asked by bookevg on Sep 26, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by bookevg

The latest release of the CrossCore Embedded Studio tools - 2.1.0 - is available now, and can be downloaded from the CrossCore Embedded Studio product page.


This release introduces:


  • DSP library optimizations for SHARC processors
  • Support to connect to multiple ADSP-BF70x processors in the same JTAG scan chain
  • QEMU support for all ADSP-SC58x processors
  • Improved default debug configuration settings for the ADSP-SC589/ADSP-21584 Functional Simulators
  • Ethernet controller driver for ADSP-SC589 is enhanced


For more information please refer to the release notes, which are available on the CrossCore Embedded Studio product page. For questions and technical discussions regarding CCES 2.0.0 please visit the CrossCore Embedded Studio and Add-ins forum on the EngineerZone.


Note: An active CrossCore Embedded Studio Subscription is required to use the latest tools. For more information on License Subscription and Expiration, see the FAQ on the EngineerZone, and the CrossCore Embedded Studio Licensing Guide.