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AB-in / CD-out limited to 24-bit?

Question asked by electrojim on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2015 by electrojim

I'm building a circuit using the ADAU 1701 on the A/D development board for that chip, and am using an "ABCD" module.  I was hoping that, once I was in the digital domain, I might use some of the headroom afforded by the 28-bit internal architecture, and so I scaled my values within the circuit higher than a value of "1," figuring that there are four more bits to play with before topping-out.  Other modules seem to be quite happy at these elevated levels, but the ABCD module isn't.  If I apply a level in excess of "1" to the C or D inputs, what I get out seems to bounce around and change sign, as read with a Readback module on the output.  Is this the case, and what other modules might have a similar headroom issue?