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The AD9928 SUBCK do not toggle

Question asked by wye1102 on Sep 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2016 by fanwei0722

Hi everyone. We're currently designing one CCD camera using AD9928 and KAI-29050 sensor. The initialization register values are adopted from SensorStudio's configuration scripts with minor modifications. Now we're able to witness correct operation on H, V signals with no problem, but SUBCK will stuck at either -9V or +12V according to register 0x76 [0]: SUBCK start polarity. When this bit is set to 1, we got -9V on SUBCK pin; when cleared, we got +12V. It seems there's some problems in SUBCK configuration. Here're some of our's register values (related to SUBCK):

WriteAFE(0x0070, 0x0000009);

WriteAFE(0x0071, 0x1800c00);

WriteAFE(0x0072, 0x0000000);

WriteAFE(0x0075, 0x0010000);

WriteAFE(0x0076, 0x0000001);

WriteAFE(0x0077, 0x0050000);

WriteAFE(0x0078, 0x0050000);

WriteAFE(0x007a, 0x0ffff01);

WriteAFE(0x007a, 0x0ffff80);

WriteAFE(0x0073, 0x0000024);

WriteAFE(0x007a, 0x0ffffdf);

WriteAFE(0x007b, 0x0000000);

     The SUBCK won't work even though we have tried a group of registers. We are expecting several solutions here. There is an attachment containing the whole initialization code.