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Flash over I2C on ADuC7122

Question asked by stark-industries on Sep 23, 2015
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I'm following instructions in for my EVAL-ADuC7122QSPZ starter kit. On page 23 of the guide for Windows I2C Downloader, it instructs me to use "USB-I2C dongle (MCV COMBI DONGLE) in the case of this evaluation kit". What is this "MCV COMBI DONGLE" device? What does it look like? Not sure if I got it in the kit...

Anyways, I reckon that the MCV COMBI DONGLE is an I2C/UART to USB device of sorts. So I hooked up the ADuC7122 with an FTDI FT201XS USB-I2C slave, hoping to use I2CWSD.exe to flash the ADuC7122. But I2CWSD.exe does not seem to recognise the FT201XS.


I've tried setting VID (0403) and PID (6001) to FTDI default values ( to no success. How can I make I2CWSD.exe recognize my FT201XS and begin download the hex files?


OS: Windows 10 x64 ("An invalid argument was encountered"). Windows 7 x64 and Windows XP both say "Can't find the USD-Downlaoder-Dongle"