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Hittite MDB277 LO-RF Feedthrough

Question asked by Mixerk on Sep 23, 2015
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I'm designing up/down converter for 77 GHz automotive radar system.


We use Hittite MDB277 mixer for

IF frequency : 13~18 GHz

LO frequency : 63 GHz

RF frequency : 76~81 GHz


I was worried that the LO input power of 14 dBm will affect the RF output power.

So, I made a decision we are going to use band pass or high pass filters between the mixer and an RF PA.

However, the filter design is quite difficult to cut off 63 GHz.

Thus, I need to know LO-RF feedthrough information.


There are no port to port feedthrough specs in the datasheet of MDB277.

Please let me know how much is the LO - RF feedthrough.

If you don't know, then please tell me how much the LO-RF feedthrough will roughly be?

Thank you.