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ADV8005 colour conversion

Question asked by Srinivas on Sep 22, 2015
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We have ADV7619+ADV8005 on our platform. Our custom panel expects data in RGB Full range format. ADV7619 is converting data to YUV709 and not changing range. VSP driver is always configuring to RGB (Limited) in case panel doesn't support YUV. When I see "ADIAPI_TxSetCSC" API, it seems it can not support colour range conversion between YUV and RGB, lets say YUV Limited to RGB Full range. "CscTables" does not have entries for this conversion.


Is it a hardware or software limitation? Can I get tables for YUV Limited to RGB Full conversion?


Software version:



  ADI VSP AVR Application Ver V1.90.2


  HDMI-RX:  ADV7619 Rev 0x20c1

  HDMI-TX:  ADV8005 Rev 0x6083 without Rovi

  Created:  Jul 14 2015 At 10:16:08