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Help with an FMCOMMS1 test using a QPSK that is 30.72*5 Msymbols

Question asked by on Sep 22, 2015
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We were wondering if you can help us do a test using the FMCOMMS1. Our F/W is not ready and we would like to use the IIO scope or another way that is easy. Ideally, we would like to use IIO scope but going with NO-OSC is OK also( Whatever is quickest and easiest).


Here is what we are able to do now using IIO Scope. We can generate a QPSK signal that is 30.72 x 4 Msymbols signal and load it and drive the the DAC input.

We set the DAC clock using IIO scope to 491 MHz. We see a the correct signal B/W.  But we see images at 250 MHz. (We do not understand why but that is OK for now)


We would like you to help us redo the same experiment using a QPSK signal that is 30.72 x 5 Msymbols. We would also like to see the images moved farther than 250 MHz. We are not sure how we should program  the IIO scope. Our F/W teav are redoing our F/W and they are not ready yet.


Can you please help us do this experiment. We need a demo.