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ADE7816 - Power Measuring Circuit, additional components?

Question asked by grantpabbey on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by hmani

Hello all,


I am attempting to design a power measurement device.  This device will be taking a 220V/110V AC input from a home wall outlet, and measuring power for each individual in a set of loads.  I am looking into using the ADE7816, as it has multiple current channels that may correspond to each load.


At this point, I am wondering if there are any Analog Devices products that I can use prior to this chip (ADE7816) in my system to sense/measure input voltage and step it down to an voltage that is suitable for the ADE7816 for use at the VP/VN pins (+- 2V Abs. Max).  Also, current will need to be detected prior to this chip for other measurements and will need to be compatible with the IAP/IAN pins. 


Thank you for any information.  This is a student project, and it has been a great experience learning to read and analyze datasheets.  Naturally there is still much left to learn.  Any input is greatly appreciated.


Thank You.