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Question asked by iolanda on Sep 23, 2015
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I'm using a ADXL350 in my design to detect the motion of my hardware. I have some trouble to understand how to set up the OFFSET for the three axis. I understood I should read the output for X Y and Z (command 0x32 and followings) first and then set the value read into the offset command but I can't work out how. In my specific numerical example the sensor is in the position 0g for X and Y axis and 1g Z. The range is +/-8g and the device is working in 10 bits mode. When I read the outputs I get (hex):




the outputs are consistent in the way that if I don't move the hardware only the last bit occasionally changes. But now I have two questions:

1) a part from the X the offsets for Y and Z are larger than 8 bits so I'm not sure what number should I set as offset

2) as the device is in 10bis mode how do I handle the 5 extra bit? what their meaning?


any help will be much appreciated