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"IIO context has 0 devices" problem after device tree generation

Question asked by -2dbc on Sep 22, 2015
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I have another thread related with this issue but My problem is changed and I decided to create a new discussion.


Final situation is: linux image properly boots and ethernet connection is working fine but iio_info command says "IIO context has 0 devices"

For generating new device tree I tried to perform advices on my old discussion.



I used "Linux on the Xilinx FPGA development Board [Analog Devices Wiki]" as roadmap.

I used "vc707_ad6676evb.dts" and "vc707_ad6676evb_pl.dtsi" as base devicetree reference.

As you mentioned before, vc707 and kc705 have different Ethernet IP.

I merged base dts files with KC705&Ad9467' dts files(kc705_ad9467_fmc.dts and kc705_ad9467_fmc_pl.dtsi).

AD9467 uses LPC and AD6676 uses HPC. I think, I made a mistake related with FMC slot.

I only replaced Ethernet related lines in vc707&ad6676 wtih KC705&AD9467 dts files.

After generating new device tree(attached), and installation, I can ping board from PC but I could not list any device on board with iio_info command(dmesg and iio_info result is attached also.)

IIO Oscilloscope can connect over ethernet but It also says: There is no iio device.


I also searched "There is no iio device" message in your forum. I could find this link, but It says check FMC slot is correct or not.

I'm sure I plugged AD6676 to HPC slot on KC705(photo attached.)


Your guidance was very helpful. If you guide me a little more, I will be so happy.


My second question is: Is it possible to connect over 1Gbps. I can monitor ethernet speed as 100 Mbps, It is too low speed for AD6676's data rate. Microblaze has 100MHz speed. I dont know It is related with this or not.


Thanks a lot.