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Expected only one frequency content at output of FMCOMMS1 but getting 3 frequency components..?

Question asked by madhan on Sep 22, 2015
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I am using the basic reference design of FMCOMMS1 and generating the Baseband Frequency of 10Mhz, RF frequency of 800Mhz and the sampling rates of DAC,ADC are 244Mhz.

As am expecting 1 frequency component(810Mhz/790Mhz) at the output of FMCOMMS1, but i am getting 3 frequency components (at 790Mhz,800Mhz and 810Mhz) as shown in below figure.

Is it the way FMCOMMS1 generates the outputs? or i need to use any extra settings in SDK to get single frequency component at