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Question asked by TimW Employee on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by mattp

Trying to use ADV7181C in the same manner as the ADV7181B.  I poked around on EngineerZone, and I found a scripts for the ADV7181C here:




However, the code to setup the ADV7181B was modified from the original in the datasheet (p.88) by an ADI engineer’s recommendations, and would like the exact same settings on the ADV7181C.  I’ve separated out basically the lines that appear to be modified below:






  DECO_writeADV7181B(DECO_ADV7181B_ADR, 0x01 , 0xCC);        // Set square pixel mode for PAL  Enable VSYNC Processor


  DECO_writeADV7181B(DECO_ADV7181B_ADR, 0x0C , 0x36);        // Force free running clock and blue screen on lock loss


  DECO_writeADV7181B(DECO_ADV7181B_ADR, 0x50 , 0x0A);  modified from 0x04/0x20


  DECO_writeADV7181B(DECO_ADV7181B_ADR, 0xD0 , 0x48);  modified from 0x4E




Are these changes significant from the ADV7181C script that ADI provides?  Some of the bits set are “reserved”, which makes me wonder if they are doing anything significant.