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ADV7280 fast switching behavior when camera input is disconnected

Question asked by bcrouse on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by bcrouse

I am using a ADV7280 to decoder the video input for 2 PAL cameras, which is then connected to a Freescale imx35 processor.  I configure the ADV7280 to use fast switching mode by writing to the FL Control register, because I am switching between the two difference camera inputs.


My question is on the behavior of fast switching mode.  With fast switching disabled, when I disconnect the active camera input, the imx35 will display the default free-run mode output, which is a blue image.  With fast switching enabled, when I disconnect the active camera input, the imx35 will display the last good image from the camera that remains in the buffer.  It does not appear that the free-run mode image is being sent by the ADV7280.  Does fast switching mode, deactivate free-run mode?


I have not implemented the fast switching example included with the EVAL-ADV72890EBZ evaluation kit.  I have looked at script, but it isn't clear what the exact behavior is, since some of the settings don't appear to be documented.  In my case I am just selecting fast switching mode without changing other settings.  I would like to maintain the free-run mode when the camera is disconnected as a safety precaution and also switch between the two camera inputs.  Is there a way to do this?