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AWATT & AWATTHR Register Understanding

Question asked by AshishT on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2015 by hmani


I am using ADE7878A evaluation board for Understanding of Energy meter.

I have calibrated IC using Quick Startup,

I have also calibrated Current & voltage gain registers successfully.

My nominal voltage is 200V & current 2.5 Amp


1) Now i want calibrate AWGAIN , but i am unable to understand content of AWATT & AWATTHR register??

Can anyone help me to understand it??

Input voltage       Current     AWATTHR Reg value

200V                    2.5Amp     273

130V                    2.5Amp     180

130V                    1Amp         72


I am reading AWATTHR register using Line cycle accumulation mode LINECYC = d1000. LYCYMODE = 0x4F


2) Also i have a question ,when i read AWATTHR register using Line cycle accumulation mode & without Line cycle accumulation mode its content are different why so??