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Chroma to luma delay variation on ADV7180 regarding cable length

Question asked by YanEmbrio on Sep 21, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by mattp



When using the ADV7180BCP32Z, I got a huge difference of luma to chroma delay when adding cable length.

I use 1694A coax cable with 12Ghz BNC connectors, so I was able to put more than 600m of cable before losing the image.

But even with only 75m, the Chroma to luma delay goes from 2ns to -14ns.  At the same time, Chroma to luma Gain was ok and SNR remain the same.  Chroma frequency response also drop with cable length but that was expected.


Is it a normal behavior for this part that Chroma to luma delay change so much?

Can I do something about it?