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AD5933 Sweep Command Clarifications

Question asked by i2cusb on Sep 19, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by mcee


      I am using ad5933 for capacitance measurement, Here i am confused in sweep command issue.

      I had set 10khz as start frequency,

      delta frequency = 1khz,

      frequency increment =90.

      So it should sweep from 10khz to 100khz.


     When i give start sweep command its only reading the value corresponds to 10khz,

     Why it is so??


     My reading code is given below, Please have a look and give me suggestions


     Sony Sunny.




    while(!(ad5933reg_byte_read1(AD5933_STATUS_REGISTER) & 0x02));


        a = 0x00; b = 0x00;

        a = ad5933reg_byte_read1(0x94);

        b =ad5933reg_byte_read1(0x95);

        R = Data_proc(a, b);

        real_data = ((a << 8) |  b);

        real_f = (float)(R);




        a = 0x00; b = 0x00;

        a =ad5933reg_byte_read1(0x96);

        b =ad5933reg_byte_read1(0x97);

        I = Data_proc(a, b);

        imag_data = ((a << 8) | b );

        imag_f = (float)( I);