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Using no-os code to control an ad9361 over linux on the zc706

Question asked by bhughes on Sep 18, 2015
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I have an ad9361 connected to a zc706 board running the linux image provided by AD. I am attempting to control the radio using the no-os code provided on github. I have compiled the the linux platform version but the standard code did not work. I changed the SPIDEV_DEV parameter to "/dev/iio:device1" which is the ad9361-phy. The device opens correctly but the spi mode can not be set correctly and the product id comes back as FFF which is wrong. Im wondering if the iio drivers are interfering with directly talking to the chip through spi? The examples libiio example work without any modification but I dont think I will be able to use the libiio functions on the final product as the card will be not be connected through the image provided by AD and may not be connected to the zynq ps7's main spi bus. I also need control of some of the lower level functions that this library does not seem to give access to.