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HMC833LP6GE and HMC835LP6GE with Phase Coherent Frequency Hopping operation

Question asked by builder on Sep 18, 2015
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I have an application which requires FHSS across 25MHz-6GHz and I am selecting a PLL + VCO part. HMC833LP6GE seemed ideal but then read on p.9 here;


Do the PLL+VCO products support "Phase Coherent" Frequency Hopping operation?

Phase Coherent frequency hopping implies that a device, starting at frequency f1, can be sent to a second frequency, f2, then returned to frequency, f1, exhibiting the exact same phase as if it never left original frequency, f1.

This feature has been designed into the HMC835LP6GE, HMC1190LP6GE HMC1197LP7FE products.

However, other PLL+VCO products were not designed with this in mind, so they do not have the required hardware to offer this functionality.

HMC835LP6GE would work but only goes to 4.1GHz.

I need to know what metric measures the speed that a VCO can adjust the frequency and then re-lock its PLL. For this experimental application looking for the highest hop rate and dwell time.


Are there any alternative part options ? Please advise ASAP

Thanks !