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help selecting a couple of accelerometers please

Question asked by Needhelpaccelerometer on Sep 18, 2015
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I need help with selecting accelerometers  from the Analogue Devices Company please. I would like to measure gravity dynamically by the use of an "analogue output" accelerometer NOT a digital type where a PWM is less accurate for my data aq needs.


Also I believe that capacitor accelerometers are more accurate than piezoelectric accelerometers so that type is also a specification I want please.

I need to be able to measure a range of +/- 30 g and with the highest frequency of signal back to the Daq device which in my case is an Arduino Uno compatible with input voltage of 3.3 volts to 5volts.


I also need to measure the best sensitivity or lowest level of gravity possible of 10- 4 g   or 10-5g

It  may be obvious that the Analogue Devices company does not have an accelerometer that does this......BUT I bet they do have TWO accelerometers that can be used in combination for the circumstances I for bulk changes and one for very small minor changes.

Please send me a product code for the two accelerometers and if possible the datasheets for the devices I need. I tried but I could see any pricing on the Analogue website for the multitude of accelerometers and of course my problem is that unhelpful jargon such as

bias, noise and bandwidth is used. I think that translates to calibration, error and the frequency that a measurement of the acceleration is sent from the device respectively.....but will stand corrected if anyone will educate me.


Many thanks