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ADV7610 INT2 is not output

Question asked by USK on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2015 by GuenterL

Hello. I'm Yusuke.


A question about ADV7610.


I try to use INT2 of ADV7610, but there are no changes in a signal.

Setting is as follows:


  Address / Setting

  40h / 22h (Driver High when active)

  41h / 32h (INT2 high when active / SCLK/INT2 pin)

  72h / 01h (CABLE_DET_A_MB2 = 1)


When a HDMI cable is removed by this setting, I think INT2 occurs, but there are no changes in a signal.

When removing a cable, the bit of CABLE_DET_A_ST and INTRQ2_RAW is 1, so interrupt seems to occur inside ADV7610, but it seems to not output to the INT2 pin.


Are there a error and lack in setting?