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RS232-Software flow control

Question asked by deepthi.narahari on Sep 17, 2015
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I am working on a project in which I need to send AT commands from ADUCM360 Eval kit to a GSM modem using serial port. I connected Rx and Tx pins (P0.6 P0.7) to the Rx Tx pins of RS232  (Used serial to TTL convertor). Since RTS, CTS are not connected I wanted to implement Software flow control(XON,XOFF) on the controller side. I implemented a code which waits for the XON and then sends the ATcommands. But I never see this condition satisfied.

Is there anything i should do in the configuration of the UART. Here is the UART configuration I made. Please help me on this.


void UARTINIT (void)


  DioCfgPin(pADI_GP0, PIN6, 1);          // Configure P0.6 in mode 1

  DioCfgPin(pADI_GP0, PIN7, 2);           // Configure P0.7 in mode 2

   pADI_GP0->GPCON |= 0x9000;                   // Configure P0.6/P0.7 for UART

   UrtCfg(pADI_UART,B115200,COMLCR_WLS_8BITS,0);    // setup baud rate for 115200, 8-bits

   UrtMod(pADI_UART,COMMCR_DTR|COMMCR_RTS,1);              // Setup modem bits