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Does the ADuCM320 MDIO Bootloader use the PHYADDR pins?

Question asked by mikerj on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on May 10, 2017 by Ledi

As per the title, when the ADuCM320 enters the MDIO bootloader kernel, does it use the PHYADR pins (P3.0-P3.4) to assign the physical address?


The reason I ask is that AN-1310 "Flash Programming via MDIO - Protocol Type 8" states "The value of PHYADR is 5".  We have three devices sharing a common MDIO bus, each with a different physical address configured via the pins, but if the bootloader ignores the pins and always uses address 5 then the bootloader is effectively useless.


A couple of secondary questions:


Is the schematic for EVAL-ADuCM320EBZ Rev C available?  I have the schematic for Rev A and Rev D, but not for the one I actually have in front of me.


If I enable the MDIO bootloader on this eval board (hold SERIAL_DOWNLOAD button whilst pressing RESET) then the 1.2v MDIO voltage jumps up to around 1.6v.  I have traced this down to the MCK pin which is sourcing current back up through the 620 Ohm pull-up resistor and into the 1.2v rail.  I have replaced the ADuCM320 with a new part and the behaviour is the same.  I have nothing connected to the eval board, other than the 5v power input.