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Question asked by BP2015-MDC on Sep 17, 2015
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hello my name is Bastiaan,


I am working with an AD595A and would like to connect it to a BNC2110 from Labview to accurately readout data. I looked around on this forum, and would like to measure a totally noise free signal with a Low pass filter. Here however there are some bottlenecks which I would like to overcome in designing an appropriate filter.


The signal from a AD595A is 10mV/C, and as I have seen from a simple connection (following the AD595A Manual) there is a lot of noise on the output amplifier from the AD595. The temperature range has to vary from -40 towards 300C° based on a T thermocouple.



1 Is there a good or appropriate document for desiging Active filters, Differential active filters highest order?


2 If using such a high order filter does it also have its limitations? as in bandwidth, buttersworth, sallen-key, chebsnev, , which one is the cleanest, fastest and more happy to life with?


3 How does this filter workout on the signal, does it take more time, is there a degree inaccuracy that is being reduced through filtering? and how about noise from the op-amp and AD595A and AD711?


which order filter would be sufficient for this situation to measure a clean 0.000C°?


for the Op-amp I would like to use the ordered AD711, if there are better ones on the market please let me know.


sincerely yours


Bastiaan Pierik