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Sigmastudio limiter per frequency

Question asked by Alka on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by Alka


I use ADAU1701 for a new application to drive a subwoofer.

I'd like to add a limiter to protect against very low frequencies at high power.


Usually, a high-pass filter is used for this purpose.

However, a high-pass limits the freq range of the sub regardless of the level, eventhoug at lower level, lower freq can be reproduced with no problem.

A limiter with a threshold depending on frequency would be more appropriate.


Threshold curve could look like this : (Y axis level in dBVFS, X=freq in Hz)


Any signal freq below the threshold level remains untouched. Above, it is limited to the threshold level according to freq.

Since we deal with very low freqencies, the limiter could limit instantaneous peak level, no need for RMS calculation.


I could not find any way to implement this in SigmaStudio. Any suggestion ?