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HMC8336LP6GE evaluation board: lost communication

Question asked by Haeyoung on Sep 17, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by dyoung1

Hi, everyone.


I am trying to connect HMC8336LP6GE evaluation board but I consistently receive "lost communication" message at GUI.


My procedure is as follows.


  1. Connect RF board, USB interface board and computer;
  2. Open evaluation software, select HMC833 from drop down menu;
  3. Apply power 5.5V to the RF board, then current level is around 207mA.
  4. load register file(hmc833_int.txt or  hmc833_frac_fb.txt)  ; but  connection is lost and all registers are read as "FFFFF".


What causes this problem?  Any comment will do.