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AD7682 / AD7689 read out

Question asked by thesealion on Sep 16, 2015
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I'm trying to read a AD7689 with a STM32F415 via SPI and now I'm not sure if I'm using the right

SPI mode ( SPI_CPHA_1Edge | SPI_CPOL_Low) and if the timing is correct.


The CFG register is initialized with 0xEFF8

  • Update configuration
  • Unipolar, Inx refereced to COM
  • Channel 7
  • External reference (3.3V), internal buffer, temperature disabled
  • Scan IN0 to IN7
  • Read back configuration


No I have a read out every 2ms but some times (very seldom) it look as if I get invalid bytes from the converter

(the conversion data is 0 and the cfg is different from my set values).



- Channel 1 is not used

- Channel 2 is CLK

- Channel 3 is MISO

- Channel 4 is \CS



Regards Mike