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Problems with reading on ADE7978 Registers NVRMS.

Question asked by glen_cao on Sep 16, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2015 by dlath

Hi everyone!

I'm building an power meter based on ADE7978(1 pcs) and ADE7932(4 pcs) chipset. The four ADE7932 respectively used for collecting A/B/C phase voltage current and voltage current, an independent respectively from ADE7978 DATA_A/DATA_B/DATA_C/DATA_N. I read AVRMS BVRMS/CVRMS register values are correct, but read NVRMS register values is not normal. You can determine the received DATA_N ADE7932 is normal, but why it is wrong to read data from the NVRMS is unknown. Please give me a solution, thank you!