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Migrating vc707&ad6676 Microblaze desgin to kc705_ad6676

Question asked by -2dbc on Sep 16, 2015
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I want to fit your Microblaze design to kc705.

Simply, I want to plot signals on IIO-Oscilloscope over ethernet.


Actually, You dont have to kc705&ad6676 microblaze design.

I modified your vc707&ad6676 hdl project to fit kc705. I generated bit stream and programmed kc705 with it.

I used no-OS/ad6676-ebz software drivers(master branch) and I could not see any problem.(console out is attached)

I searched in your ad6676 no-OS driver codes and I could no see any word related with vc707.

Starting from this point, I decided to use your simpleImage.vc707_ad6676evb(extracted from with my new generated kc705&ad6676 bit file.

And I used your run.tcl script.

Because If your ad6676 driver codes doesn't contain vc707 related settings, I could be use your simpleImage.vc707_ad6676evb for kc705(to my understanding)

Predictably, It doesn't work.


I have also ad9467. With using same setup:

I plug AD9467 to KC705 LPC; ethernet connection is OK and IIO-Oscilloscope works fine.

I unplug AD9467 and plug AD6676; ethernet connection is down.

I can see IP) on LCD(kc705&AD6676 setup is attached).

I perform ifconfig on target terminal, It says:

eth0 is down, I force eth0 to up, and this causes an exception(dmesg result is attached):

WARNING: CPU: 0 PID: 100 at drivers/net/ethernet/xilinx/xilinx_axienet_mdio.c:26 axienet_mdio_wait_until_ready+0x60/0x90()

Modules linked in:

CPU: 0 PID: 100 Comm: ifconfig Tainted: G        W      3.19.0-gef29f1f #7

Kernel Stack:

ac24bcdc: 8000a2bc .....


I have an experience about linux driver development on Ubuntu, I made some driver modifications for ML605 linux driver, but I'm a newbie in microblaze and your linux drivers.


Please lead me, How can I fit your vc707&ad66 microblaze design to my kc705&ad6676 setup?


Thanks a lot.