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FMCOMMS5 channel 2 gain issue

Question asked by tcmealey on Sep 15, 2015
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I have an FMCOMMS5 connected to a Zynq ZC706, using the no-OS Linux platform software to to program and control the board. I've noticed an issue with the gain of channel 2 relative to the other three channels. In testing, I have a single channel signal generator hooked up a four-way splitter into the 4 Rx channels of the FMCOMMS5 (RX1A_A, RX2A_A, RX1A_B, RX2_A_B). In software, I set the gain mode to manual with 0 dB all 4 channels. I used software to log contiguous samples from all 4 channels to disc, then inspected the data in MATLAB. What I'm seeing is that Channel 1, 3, and 4 all have the same amplitude, but Channel 2 is about 15 dB above the rest. I've tested two different FMCOMMS5 boards and have seen the same issue. Is this a known problem?



Tom Mealey