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VisualAnalog and HSC-ADC-EVALC issue on loading Program

Question asked by PEDALATOR on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2015 by UmeshJ

I bought an HSC-ADC-EVALC + AD9467 boards and found an issue when using them with the VisualAnalog tool:


I clicked the Settings button in the ADC Data Capture box of VisualAnalog,

then i selected the "Capture Board" item in order to enter the path to a .bin file for FPGA programming.
First i selected the "Browse" Button, choose the binary "ad9467_HSC-ADC-EVALCZ-External_Trigger.bin" file

then i clicked the "Program" Button an Error window "invalid string format" (see attached picture)


I tried several thinsg:

1) to move the binary file to the root C:\, in case of long name issue,

2) shorten the binary file name

3) launch the VisualAnalog with admin right

each time there was the same popup error window


Could you help me to solve this issue !


i'm running the latest release of VisualAnalog on a Windows 7 (64bit) PC