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exception handling

Question asked by MehranAli on Sep 15, 2015
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Hi All,
I am developing an application for CortexA5 of ADSP-SC584 in which I am using exception handler routines.

When SVC instruction is executed mode is changed to SVC and Program counter jumps to the index 0x8 of the exception vector table but after that point execution stops. At this point when it is "assembly stepped into", debugger view is refreshed but PC is not loaded with the SVC exception handler routine address (as it is expected to do so) rather it stays at the same location.


I also tried a simple empty project in the CCES version 2.0.0 with only an SVC instruction (using inline assembly) in main function.

It also has the same behavior.

May be I am missing some compiler flags or mode settings but I am stuck at point and any help will be deeply appreciated.



Best Regards,



PS: screen shot where the program counter gets stuck is attached