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Microphone and PreAmp Design Help

Question asked by zain on Sep 15, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 16, 2015 by shafa

Hi there,



This is my first question on EngineerZone. I am an electronics engineering student.



I'm starting to work on audio preamp for a microphone.



This device will be placed in an open-field such as farms or jungles, to record an audio signal and perform some tasks.



Q1- I need a microphone that can sense far-field audio signals as well. How can I select it? Would mems audio microphone would be better option?



Q2- I need to build a preamp for this microphone, shall i build preamp with discrete components (transistor, opamps, etc) or get ADI's  preamp IC such as ssm2019? What ADI preamp IC's would you suggest for this application? I would prefer Through-hole IC if possible.



Kindly answer asap, as I cannot start until i get some information.






Zain Ireland