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Regarding the BF527 PLL status issue

Question asked by Arumugam on Apr 26, 2011
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I have a very serious problem in internal voltage regulator configuration issue in BF527.I'm using the 10uH inductor,SSA33L diode,FDS9431 MOSFET for 1.2V switching regulator section in processor.At power ON condition I read the status register in PLL as 0x00A2.And the core voltage configured as 1.03V.After that I'm passing the value as 0xF0B0 to the VR control register and setting the core clock as 600MHz and SCLK as 120MHz.I get the same SCLK when I probed using scope.But when I try to read the status register of the PLL it gives an value of 0x0022 and it indicates that the voltage regulator is not stable.And the internal voltage observed as 1.1V .


Could you provide the valid reasons to give the status register value as 0x0022


Looking for your support in this regard.