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Question asked by Tarzan on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by Tarzan

I have a couple of questions about safety standard for icoupler.


-When I go to the page of saftey standard of icoupler, I can see the TUV60950.

What is TUV 60950?

Only a few parts are qualified for TUV 60950, why?


-Does UL1577 has more higher isolation withstand voltage?

So far, 5kVrms is the maximum for icoupler.

Does UL1577  need to consider creepage and clearance to pass the withstand voltage like 5kVrms?



-Looking at VDE-0884,

What is the deference between basic and reinforced of VDE-0884?

Are all ADI icouplers qualified for reinforced?

Some parts are marked reinforced but some are not,why?


-I've checked Certificate of Compliance.

What is tirmal cycling test?

" Evaluated by thermal cycling and other tests for a temperature rating of 125C."


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