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Where is the documentation for the ADI provided drivers for the BF609 EZ BOARD?

Question asked by WillMoore on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2015 by WillMoore

I am trying to use the BF609 EZ BOARD Power On Self Test example to learn how to use the SD Card.  However this example does not use the adi_rsi_ library I might expect it to, rather it bit bashes the registers directly in a variety of styles


So ignoring this I try to use the adi_rsi_ library as this seems "The Right Thing(TM)" to do.  However when I try to adi_rsi_Open() I get a ADI_GPIO_CALLBACK_MEMORY_FULL return code.  After some debugging I realise I need to call adi_gpio_Init() to provide some GPIO callback memory then all is well ... but where is this documented?  I can see there is some very limited doxygen generated documentation in the CCES help, but this is inadequate to understand how to use the library and it seems I must fumble about in the dark ... it doesn't seem to tell me I need to allocate GPIO callback memory before I use the library yet it seems I must.  Or do I miss something?


Now I am putting 2 and 2 together and possibly making 5!  Is the ADI documentation for their libraries so bad the ADI Engineers that wrote the BF609 EZ BOARD Power On Self Test example avoided using them?  Or is the adi_rsi_ library inadequate for their needs?  Please tell me I am wrong and point me in the direction of some nice complete documentation explaining all about the various libraries in adequate detail that I don't need to fumble about in the dark stubbing my toes as I go ...