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Help: AD9364 configuration for SDR_Dualports_TDD_CMOS

Question asked by HenryGuo on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by HenryGuo

Dear Sir/Ms,

     Now I am trying to develop my project on FMComms4 evaluation board with an FPGA motherboard.

     With below registers' setting, there is no output on TX port of AD9364. I could not find any output on signal-analyzer even if the AD9364 was configured to BIST mode.

     Here is the AD9364 work mode what I needed:RXA/TXA ports of RF, CMOS mode of data ports between RF and Baseband, dual ports and half-duplex(TDD) work mode with single data rate(SDR), ENSM was controled by external pins TXNRX/ENABLE and worked as TDD mode.

     As below are some registers' settings:

              Reg002/003---0x5e,  Reg004---0x03,  Reg012---0x28,  Reg013---0x00,  Reg014---0x15

          and then BIST Config Reg 0x3F4 was set to 0xc3 after AD9364 was confirmed to standby at TX mode.

     Could you please help to check why the AD9364 could not transmit signals at RF port?