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Question asked by WillH on Sep 14, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2015 by WillH

I am looking for a 2:1 HDMI video MUX for source end use, i.e. I have two HDMI sources on a common circuit board and wish to select the output of one or the other of the sources and connect it an HDMI connector on the same circuit board. The common output of the MUX is required to drive an HDMI monitor at the end of a 2m - 3m cable.


The two HDMI sources will be very close to the MUX (say 3 inches maximum) therefore I do not require any input equalisation for example.


Is the AD8194 suitable for this application - I note that it has 12dB of equalisation at the inputs, will this be a problem as the diff-pairs between my 2 sources and the AD8194 inputs will only be a few inches of circuit board trace.