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AD9142A Byte Interface Mode

Question asked by arvabj on Sep 14, 2015
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Re-posting this question and there was no response earlier...........


I am interested in learning more about the AD9142A byte-interface mode, before evaluating the DAC


We plan to use 300MHz DCI clock with x4 interpolation. So the DAC shall be clocked at 1200MHz Fdac. This is the configuration we are planning for the 16-bit interface mode.


From the timing diagram for the byte-interface mode shown in the datasheet, the main changes i see is that the IQ data is provided as DDR at DCI clock,with alternating 8-bits of I and Q data. But what is the DCI clocking rate? Will it be twice of what we would use in 16-bit interface mode ? So are we looking at a 600MHz DCI clock with byte-wide interface ? This will exceed the maximum DCI clock limits.


Your inputs are appreciated....