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Problem about spectrum of custom data (bandwidth 5 MHz) transmited from FMCOMMS1 + ZC706 + no OS

Question asked by Thang on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by DragosB

Dear all,


I use the FMCOMMS1 + ZC706 to transmit the custom data as seen the below block diagram

block diagram.JPG

The my custom data is followed to the format of LTE 5 MHz, 7.68MSPS consist of 32 bit serial (16 bit I and 16 bit Q). This data goes to DUC IP Core to convert from 7.68MSPS to 122.88MSPS. Axi_dac_router block convert 32 bit serial IQ to 64 bit parallel I and 64 bit parallel Q. I use hdl reference design and no OS in

version 2015_r1.

I transmits sine data completely. However, with custom data, my result is not good. Signal level is too low as seen the below picture.


I don't know how to config all IC in FMCOMMS1. I use the default of all configuration file.

Could you please help me config FMCOMMS1?

Thank you very much.