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ADV7511W + ADV7181D output for Vector scope

Question asked by jith on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2015 by mattp

I am using ADV7511W with ADV7181D(as the analog front end) in my product. ADV7181D outputs 422 YCbCr and I'm converting it to RGB 444 at the ADV7511W. Vector scope measurements of initial design were wrong [attached](with a SMPTE color bar image). Then I removed the CSC part and allowed ADV7511W to pass input YCbCr 422 to the output. But there was no difference. And 0xD5[0] Black Image Enble makes the screen green color. Therefore I tried several options and finally got the correct vector scope reading similar of the original picture. I had to delay the CH_B data by one clock cycle. (ADV7181D 0x67[6] DLY_B). But it distorts the colors of image by adding red color shades. Didn't change any ADV7511W configurations. How to solve this issue?