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No iio devices for AD9467 FMC on KC705

Question asked by MaxPayne on Sep 11, 2015
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I am currently working on AD9467 FMC board mounted on a KC705 FPGA eval-board. But I cannot see any iio devices.


When I log into Linux on KC705 and type "iio_info", I get the following message:


Library version: 0.5 (git tag: v0.5)

IIO context created with local backend.

Backend version: 0.5 (git tag: v0.5)

Backend description string: Linux buildroot 3.17.0-gd745406-dirty #4 Thu Sep 3 07:51:51 EEST 2015 microblaze

IIO context has 0 devices:



Also /sys/bus/iio/devices is empty.


I have checked the device-tree, there are no problems therewith.


How could I initiate the AD9467 in Linux?