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One DPG 3 to drive 2 DAC AD9122

Question asked by Chris449 on Sep 11, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2015 by Chris449

Hello all,


I have two synchronized DACs AD9122 on two different PCBs (same reference clock). For testing, I want to drive the DACs with one DPG.

1) DPG has TXI and TXQ data available so I can drive each DAC with each set of data.

2) DPG has CLK_TXI and CLK_TXQ so I can drive DCI signal of each DAC

3) DPG has CLK_DCOA and CLK_DCOB. Assuming that my two PCBs use the same reference clock to build the sampling clock on each board (synchronized AD9516), CLK_DCOA and CLK_DCOB should be similar.

Then I can use only one DPG.

Am I correct? Is there something missing?


Thank you for your help.