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Audio Codec recommendation for mobile application

Question asked by Wustafa on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2015 by DaveThib

Hello there,


We are currently designing a portable device that needs audio capabilities. My requirements are not very strict about the audio so I can be a little free.


Basically, the system will take its analog audio input from a headset with push button and pass the PCM digital audio stream to FPGA. On the receiving side (other unit) the FPGA will supply the codec with PCM digital audio stream and the codec will drive the headset headphones. Systems will work in full-duplex so I'm in need of a codec.


I think 96 kHz rate will work. 24 bits will be sufficient. It would be nice to have features like push-button detect / automatic headphone/mic detect. It would be great to have an evaluation board option.


To be honest I was going after other vendors LM4935 IC. Since we are using Analog Devices chip for the video solution (adv7511/adv7611) in the same design (which I'm extremely happy with), I really want to know what other choices I have.


Best Regards.