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common use of the same peripheral in both cores(BF60x)

Question asked by pfeifferc on Sep 10, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 29, 2015 by pfeifferc

Hi !

It's seems to be possible to use e.g. the GPIO's in both cores (BF60x).

I couldn't find any information about this topic. I found only some hints for multicore programming in C/C++ compiler & libr.manual.


but I want to know what happens or if it's possible to simultaneous use e.g. the ETH0 peripheral on each core. So each core is able to listen to the Ethernet traffic ????

I'm used the same LED on a GPIO on each core and it works. (Synchronizing tasks is necessary but not the problem).


For my understanding it's possible because SCB handle the interface ?

What is the guideline for using L3-memory ? "..should be allocated to one core's memory map or the other ..."

What's the disadvantage if I use e.g.8MB of DDR2 Ram in Core0 and the next 8MB block in Core1 ??


Many questions .

thanks chris