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GNU Radio with Ad9467&KC705

Question asked by -2dbc on Sep 9, 2015
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I want to customize GNU Radio for using it with Ad9467&KC705 setup.

Simply, I want to monitor wideband fft and time domain data. IIO-Oscilloscope do this.

In addition to tihs, I want to make FM/AM demodulation.


Before starting development I want to ask your forum. Because You have brilliant source codes and everyday I discover new A.D. source code repo on github.

Question is this: What is the simplest way of doing SDR with AD9467&KC705 setup.

I can use gqrx but AD9467 is not one of its pre defined receivers(ETTUS, HackRF...).

I noticed your some git repos today. GNURadio and iio-fm-radio are related with my issue. maybe I can also use your IIO-Oscilloscope by adding demodulater moduls.

It is my understanding that GNURadio  designed for FMCOMMS(1-5). It needs some extra developments for using it with other FMC's.

Please lead me. If you were me, How do you implement your application.


My current state is:

I feed some signal to AD9467&KC705 and I can monitor it on my host PC with IIO-Oscilloscope over ethernet.


Thanks in advance.