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Raspberry Pi 2 with ad1938

Question asked by henrix on Sep 9, 2015



I want to develop an audio board for the Raspberry Pi 2, based on the ad1938 audio codec.

Moreover I want to simultaneously capture and playback audio streams, so I have to use the TDM (TIME-DIVISION MULTIPLEXED) mode.

Do anybody know if it's possible to use this TDM mode on the Raspberry Pi 2, especially the BCM2836?


I've already seen an ASoC platform driver for a Blackfin SoC, called "bf5xx-tdm".

So, I think, if the Raspberry Pi 2 would already support the TDM mode, there would be also a platform driver called "bcm2708-tdm", correct? (So, I think I have to develop a platform driver on my own.)


Can anybody help me or has some good resources for this subject?


Thank you very much!